Kraftwerk Performs ‘Spacelab’ with Astronaut Alexander Gerst


With a name like Kraftwerk, you know that the epic techno band will commit to making everything work! Their most recent project involved teaming up with a fellow German-born celebrity Alexander Gerst, and trust us, the outcome is out of this world!

This past weekend, Stuttgart, Germany’s Jazz Open Festival attendees were able to take part in a one of a kind virtual performance.

The undeniably incredible Alexander Gerst—one of six astronauts at the International Space Station—momentarily traded in his space suit for a virtual synthesizer program on a tablet. He then assisted the legendary band with their performance of their old-school track ‘Spacelab‘ – fitting, we know.

Although the hardworking astronaut was in-orbit and hundreds of miles away, that did not stop our two worlds from linking up via video conference.

The welcomed surprised lasted nearly eight minutes, resulting in a captivating zero-gravity performance and cute messages written on the tablet by Gerst. Check it out above.