Laidback Luke Opens Up On Reddit AMA To Answer Fans Q&As


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In a recent Reddit AMA, the legendary Laidback Luke did not hold anything back when his army of dedicated followers asked him some very personal questions. In true ask me anything fashion, there were certainly some very invasive and important inquiries that were put on the table – however, the Dutch producer managed to have a perfectly worded answer to satisfy all of his fans deepest questions. Check it out!

When one fan inquired about how Hardwell truly is as a person, the ‘Show Me Love’ DJ couldn’t hold back his personal opinion and stated:

Another Reddit user asked a question that we’ve all been dying to know. He inquired if Swedish House Mafia and the Kung Fu master were still meeting up for their yearly producing spree. Here’s what was confirmed:

A truly dedicated follower from Hawaii asked the hard-hitting question regarding the future of DJs and the family man’s answer will have you geared up and ready┬áto reach for the stars:

Continuing the deep questions streak, another Reddit user inquired if he had any unreleased Avicii tracks to unleash to the world as Nicky Romero has stated that he has a few under his belt. What he responded will have you feeling all types of ways…

Canadian fans started to chime in with an inquiry relating to the future of his tour; more specifically, if he was planning on playing smaller cities, like Halifax, Canada. Here’s what he stated:

Speaking of being on the road, one fan asked what his go-to meal was while traveling. We can guarantee that you would not have guessed this:

To end things on a positive note, Laidback Luke took a moment to thank his fans for reaching out, and wished them all well with this beautiful piece of inspiration:

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