Lane 8 – The Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard


Lane 8 – The Disappearance of Colonel Mustard

First played on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix back on April 21st, Lane 8‘s track titled ‘The Disappearance of Colonel Mustard‘ had us wondering—who, what, when, where, and why? Now, the track has officially been released.

Right off his ‘This Never Happened‘ album, the song starts off with a mellow chord progression that slowly crescendos into a breakdown that is absolute fire. Lane 8’s signature style comes through in this track with chords that are scintillating and haunting. Bringing the deep house bass and an upbeat tempo, the vibe of this track will make you move for sure. He follows with his pulsing electronica sound and ends with a woozier kind of glitch-pop.

It stirred up a little conversation on Reddit. What does it allude to exactly? Is it a Clue character or a cat?

But then again, it’s just a great song by Daniel Goldstein and we’ve enjoyed every minute of that Essential mix.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember songs in a mix when they aren’t usually replayed and remixed by others, but not for Goldstein’s. Each song in any set of his is recognizable and unique. Whether it be his own creation or a remix, he shows no signs of slowing down.

We give mad respect to the Anjunadeep favorite for constantly breaking the barriers of electronic sound and giving the public something fresh. He reminds us that dance music is not just a beat, it’s a lifestyle.

Listen to the track below.

Lane 8 – The Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard