Lollapalooza 2018 Heightens Security Measures This Year


Lollapalooza 2018 returns to Grant Park this Thursday. For those attending, please note that enhanced security measures will take place. Entrances will hold more Chicago police officers, additional fencing, new bag restrictions and airport style screening. These enhancements come months after the deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The festival has no known threats reported but city officials will not take any chances. There will be eyes in the sky as police put things in place to keep everybody safe, according to Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson. First deputy of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Rich Guidice, said his team took the Las Vegas shooting and other incidents around the world into consideration when devising security protocols.

Each day for four days, 10,000 music fans flock to attend. This is one of the country’s largest urban festivals held since Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest festival back in October. With such an eye opening tragedy, this year’s patrol will cover beyond the festival grounds. Reinforcements will come from Chicago Fire Department personnel trained in active shooter training. Cops patrolling on bikes along Michigan Avenue and undercover officers will also be roaming. SWAT teams with snipers shall be on stand by. Authorities place special interest on high rise buildings overlooking the park.

This seems excessive but organizer C3 Presents has experience in hosting major events after the massacre. Austin City Limits Music Festival took place days after. People take security more seriously now. If festival goers don’t have that feeling with their entertainment, they won’t attend. Whether there’s another incident or not, you can never be too prepared.

Security permits small purses, totes, fanny packs and single pocket drawstring bags. They do not permit backpacks and bags with multiple pockets. They also permit sealed sunscreen lotion, not aerosol cans. Do not bring water bottles this year; only small, empty camelbaks.