Mysterious Swedish House Mafia Stickers Appear at Tomorrowland


Swedish House Mafia might going on tour again

Ever since the beautiful and highly anticipated reunion of Swedish House Mafia at Ultra Music Festival‘s 20th anniversary in Miami, fans have been dying to know if and when an official tour will be going down.

From teasing fans about a SHM reunion in 2019 in New York at The Brooklyn Mirage, to the latest billboard advertising Axwell Ingrosso‘s newest single, ‘Dancing Alone‘, Axwell and Ingrosso have shown no signs of stopping. They have continuously gotten fans excited about Swedish House Mafia reuniting. Even Steve Angello ended off his Ultra Europe set by saying, “Steve Angello loves you, Swedish House Mafia loves you“.

In 2018, we no longer believe in coincidences when it comes to Swedish House Mafia’s clever teasing. Remember when all those billboards and posters kept popping up around Miami depicting trios of logos like Nike and McDonald’s, hinting at the three dots pattern known to many to signify SHM? Well, the same thing started happening at Tomorrowland this past weekend. When fans started to see stickers in the same fashion around Boom and the Tomorrowland grounds, the rumours mill exploded once again.

Apparently these bumper stickers surfaced across the festivals grounds, which hint at a SHM reunion set for 07 28 18. Obviously this was too good to be true, seeing as Tomorrowland has come to and end. However, it surely did get people talking.

[May be a spoiler] Guys, anyone with info about this? from r/Tomorrowland

The dance world is on pins and needles wondering “will they/won’t they” in regards to a Swedish House Mafia reunion tour. Let’s get real. It’s happening. At Tomorrowland last weekend, Sebastian Ingrosso joined Steve Angello for his closing set. And while Axwell and Ingrosso closed out their set this weekend, Axwell told fans: “I just realized this one thing. This is the last time we see Tomorrowland for a while”.

Obviously this means a Swedish House Mafia world tour in 2019. And, hopefully, we can count on new music from the group, too.