Oliver Smith feat. Natalie Holmes- Zero



Oliver Smith feat. Natalie Holmes- Zero

An Ajunabeats legend is at it again with yet another new release. Oliver Smith, Anjuna’s first ever signing, sees another track released today called ‘Zero’. This is another original vocal track, this time tapping a rather familiar voice in Natalie Holmes. For any of you who watched Above & Beyond’s acoustic tour, you’ll recognize Natalie Holmes from there. During his Tomorrowland set, Ollie premiered ‘Zero’ and judging by people’s reaction, it went down quite well.

If you’re familiar with Ollie’s work, you’ll remember earlier this year he released ‘Lovingly’, a gorgeous and powerful vocal track which became immensely popular in the trance community. His new vocal track, ‘Zero’, might have actually topped it. Kicking the song off is a hallow, yet bouncy bassline a minute in. Just as you lose yourself to the rhythm, Natalie Holmes’ voice comes over the beat. Her silky, soft, and haunting voice captures the listeners attention almost immediately. Although Ollie’s production is truly on display, Holmes’ vocals and words take ‘Zero’ to another level. Add in the uplifting drop and you have yourself a pillar of a track for any trance set.

‘Zero’ will be one of the ten Oliver Smith tracks on the upcoming Anjunabeats Worldwide Compilation mixed by- you guessed it- Oliver Smith. The compilation will be released on August 3rd but in the meantime, you can check out ‘Zero’ below.