Deorro x MAKJ x Quintino- Knockout



Deorro x MAKJ x Quintino- Knockout

In today’s modern age of EDM, we seldom talk about big-room bangers anymore. Sure, big-room DJ’s still dominate the industry, but single tracks aren’t widely revered like they once were. However, when you get three big name DJ’s to collab together on a festival-ready track, it’s most certainly worth covering. That’s what we have today, folks. Melbourne bounce phenom Deorro joined forces with MAKJ and ‘Epic’ maestro Quintino for a new floor rocker called ‘Knockout’.

‘Knockout’ sure sounds like it’ll do just that. This track gives us flashbacks to 2013, which was an era of absolute bangers in EDM. “Hands Up” are the words that build you up into the first of two drops. The drop has that classic Melbourne bounce sound with MAKJ’s chopped synths. At the breakdown, you hear Quintino’s sound bridge into an almost rock ‘n roll melody. The track builds up again and drops into that monster bounce-infused bass line.

For those of you who still love that big-room sound and want to go crazy, ‘Knockout’ is the track for you. You can buy and stream it everywhere today and listen to it below.