Skrillex is Creating Some Magic in the Studio with Wuki


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Ever since Skrillex broke his silence last month, it seems as though he has been delivering several surprise performances and hinting at an incoming wave of new music to the world. Recently, it seems as though he has teamed up with Wuki, and we can’t help but wonder if a collaboration is underway.

Pennsylvania-born producer Wuki has been delivering fresh track, after track, for years now – it’s about time that the ‘She Got Some‘ musician collaborated with one of the most iconic electronic dance music artists in the industry.

In a recent Instagram Story uploaded by Wuki, fans can see both Skrillex and the American producer jamming out to a catchy track, accompanied by the ‘Bangarang‘ DJ’s killer dance moves (seriously though, Skrilly can break it down!). This curious clip points at the possibility of a collab, and we can’t wait to hear if this speculation is true!

Fans have been waiting years, specifically since 2014, for the duo to link up, however, if time perfects everything, we absolutely can’t wait to see what they have in store!