Skrillex Teams Up With Feelcycle to Create New Workout Routine


There is no denying that Skrillex puts on one of the most energetic music performances in the world. What if you could fuse the adrenaline you receive at a Skrillex show with a daily work out routine at the gym? We would all get in shape in no time. It seems like a gym in Japan has picked up on this perfect combination and has now combined the energy you get in a nightclub with soulcycle to form “Feelcycle“.

This new innovative gym has even teamed up with Skrillex to produce a workout program like no other. The new workout program features the sound-system and light show of a nightclub to fuel attendees with energy they would normally get on the dancefloor. To top it off, Skrillex has even curated a special soundtrack to give you the adrenaline you need to complete the routine. If you are a local resident of Japan, you can check out the promo for the program now and sign up for your Skrillex x Feelcycle class here now.