Spotify Launches Beta Playlist Submission Feature


Streaming giant Spotify just announced a new feature where artists, labels, managers, and partners can submit unreleased music directly to Spotify’s editorial team for playlist consideration.

Given that 75,000 artists are featured on editorial playlists each week and another 150,000 on Discover Weekly, it is safe to say that this feature plays a big role in artist exposer and influence on Spotify’s massive user base.

The issue of omitting artists from the streaming services’ playlist feature, brought up via record labels, is nothing new. Generated by algorithms or chosen by employees, many artists have found astounding success after being featured in curated playlists with millions of followers.

Nick Holmsten, Vice President of Content & Global Head of Shows & Editorial, Spotify follows those very complaints with this statement: “The number one question we get from labels, artists, and their teams is: who do I speak to to get on Rap Caviar, Hot Country, ¡Viva Latino!, Ultimate Indie or other Spotify playlists? We’ve listened to feedback from the creative community, and developed a new feature that enables them to easily submit unreleased music for playlist consideration to our entire worldwide team of playlist editors.”

The party who is submitting directly to Spotify’s editorial team has the chance to take apart the song and mention anything noteworthy or of importance i.e. genre, mood, instrumentals, lyrical meaning etc.

“Everyone, whether you’re an artist, label, manager or part of an artist’s team, can try out this feature. Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account or, if you work at a label, head over to Spotify Analytics. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to our team.”

It seems pretty easy to do and opens up new doors to so many more artists. This feature is an equalizer of sorts, giving everyone a fair chance at getting into a high profile playlist.

“We want to make something crystal clear: no one can pay to be added to one of Spotify’s editorial playlists. Our editors pick tracks with listeners in mind. They make these decisions using data about what’s resonating most with their community of listeners.”

The feature is still in the early stages and we will hopefully get some more information soon. Until then, get your notepads ready and start prepping for what could be a huge milestone for artists everywhere.

H/T: Billboard
H/T: Spotify