Cheesy News: Steve Aoki Just Opened a Pizza Place Called Pizzaoki


Image result for steve aoki eating pizza

If you’ve heard of Steve Aoki, you are well aware that the American producer has built a reputation on theatrical stunts which include throwing massive cakes into the crowd. Although these tasty desserts seem to be an overall crowd pleaser, the ‘Just Hold On‘ musician has shifted his sights to another delicious snacking undertaking: pizza!

The iconic DJ has comes from a strong background in cuisine. His well-known father, Hiroaki Aoki, better known as Rocky Aoki, was a Japanese-born American restaurateur who founded popular Japanese cuisine restaurant chain Benihana.

When one is surrounded by culinary delicacies their entire life, there is no doubt that they develop a true appreciation for the world’s best foods – and what better item is there on the planet than pizza!

Although the EDM superstar has not released much information, it has been reported that he will be opening a new pizza chain called Pizzaoki in California sometime soon.

The official website is still under construction, but we would expect nothing less – his hardworking team is more than likely still crafting the perfect slices!

We do know one thing is for certain, we have mushroom in our hearts for this new project, and there’s nothing cheesy about it!