Teen May Lose Vision After Paint Gun Goes Off At Rave


An 18 year old teen vacationing in Mallorca, Spain was seriously injured when a paint gun shot directly into his eyes. Dillon Connery was attending a rave at the Carwash Club in Magaluf. He had only been at the resort for a couple hours before the tragic incident. It is reported he arrived at the resort on Wednesday, July 11th and by the next day, his friends had to inform his parents of the incident. Now, Dillon is in danger of losing his eyesight permanently.

Raves with glowing paint are nothing new, but can easily get out of control when not handled responsibly. Dillon’s mom, Ashleigh, told STF News:

“It’s absolutely crazy. He arrived on the Wednesday evening, then on the Thursday morning his friends found Dylan in a bad way and I was told about it. I assumed he had been attacked.”

“The UV paint party involved a handmade weapon which went full pelt and close range into both of Dylan’s eyes.”

Dillon has undergone several procedures at a nearby Spanish hospital but is still unable to see. Currently, doctors are hopeful that he could eventually regain vision in his right eye. We hope Dillon successfully recovers from his injuries and that others learn from this tragic accident.