Tomorrowland To Take Extra Safety Measures Against the Heat


tomorrowlandTomorrowland is very well-known for the hot tracks unleashed on stage. However, many attendees have stated that the heat is almost too much to bare, weather-wise. The hardworking team behind the beloved event has listened to the complains and have consistently been monitoring the weather. In response, they will be taking extra safety measures to ensure that all partygoers live the best festival experience possible.

According to a recently published Dutch news article, the organization will be re-evaluating all elements of the fest’ to prevent any security issues from occurring.

Tomorrowland weekend two attendees will be provided with parasols and sunscreen for free at the all corners of the grounds. It won’t matter if attendees are near the stages, or in the designated camping areas. Speaking of camping, the tents will be equipped with extra cooling, just like they will be doing with the stages.

In addition, the organizers will create several more shaded areas in Dreamville. As always, drinkable water is accessible at the washrooms for free. It is suggested that attendees bring their own Camelbaks/hydration packs and water bottles.

Fans beware- one of the potentially biggest disappointments of the weekend might occur if the heatwave continues to persist. The breathtaking firework displays may not be able to go ahead as it is very dangerous during these high and abnormal temperatures. Additional fire brigades will be used. The fire department is currently investigating if the fireworks will be authorized this coming weekend. We are praying to the rave Gods that we can see the spectacular display!

The team behind the event has forwarded a reminder of the importance of drinking in moderation. They also remind attendees that they have a zero tolerance policy for drugs.

On behalf of EDMTunes, we would like to wish everyone a safe and memorable Tomorrowland. Take care of each other, and make the most out of every opportunity.