Vini Vici Essential Mix 2018-07-14


vini vici essential

Vini Vici Essential Mix 2018-07-14

The trance duo Vini Vici dropped a new essential mix jam-packed full of dance music. This two hour set will take you on a journey with Israeli natives Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh at the helm. It may seem like the duo have not been putting out as much new music, but this is because they have been performing a strict chain of shows in a row.

It is possible to see if they are coming to a festival near you via consulting their Facebook.

Relatively recently the two have collaborated with two members of the Aoki family to compose “Moshi Moshi“. While mama Aoki takes the spotlight of the song, you can immediately feel Vini Vici’s signature sound.

This mix is sublime for the beginning of the work week. Just as the set starts off strong, it ends just as powerfully as well. We have provided a link to your dose of hypnotic psytrance for a quick trip to the other side.