Image result for virtual self angel voicesVIRTUAL SELF – ANGEL VOICES

Porter Robinson has been releasing song after song of a caliber we haven’t seen in ages under his alias Virtual Self. Fusing everything from happy hardcore to pounding electro, he’s created a niche of his own and the fans are loving it. His latest release is titled¬†‘Angel Voices’¬†and it is nothing short of immaculate.

A remix of his original ‘Ghost Voices‘, the stripped down drums and churning bass line make up the main focus of this track. The extended melodic intro builds into a false sense of security, making the impactful groove that much more intense when it kicks in just after the one minute mark. Those who have followed the Virtual Self project since its infancy will begin to recognize familiar synths and production tricks that have given these tracks their unique drive. The ghostly lead synths and dark rumbling bass lines come together to create a swinging groove that drives into more melodic sections of the track. Talk box vocals bits come in and out of the mix to spice up the more musical elements, just frequently enough to keep it lively.

This genius shows no signs of slowing down and we can only hope to be some of the first to catch all the other tracks he has coming down the pipeline. For full listings of upcoming tour dates, check out his website.