14yo Girl Causes $20,000 in Damage During Mansion Rave


Many of us have seen the classic story of a teenager throwing a party while their parents are not around. We’ve seen them in movies, on TV and sometimes in real life, but one 14-year-old girl became very daring and took throwing a party to whole new level.

According to Vancouver Courier, a $3.5 million dollar home was rented by a 14-year-old girl off Airbnb. It was rented for $600 a night and the hostess intended to have only 40 to 50 people attending. However, word got out about the party on social media and around 200 people showed up. What’s even more wild is that the teenager rented the house on her parents credit card without their knowledge.

The damage that resulted from the party was nonetheless monstrous. West Vancouver police spokesman Jeff Palmer stated, “[There was] a great deal of damage – artwork smashed, furniture smashed, damage to the walls, furniture tossed into the hot tub – just a really long, long list of damage that by the owners’ estimate is somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000.”

Neighbors have commented that the house has been known as a “party house” since it went up as a short-term rental a few years ago. One neighborhood resident went on to say, “The bass was just picking up and the whole neighborhood was shaking because of it, kids just kept streaming in. The streets reeked of Jägermeister from all the pour-out.”

Despite the outrageous amount of damage done to the house, the police did not charge the young teen. The owner does not intend to request any criminal action against the girl, and both parties have agreed to a resolve the matter in a civil proceeding.

Palmer continued to state, “Certainly there is discussion to be had around what access your child or your youth has to banking information and how you might control how they use it.”

One thing is for certain, someone’s in some deep trouble.