Andrew Rayel – Last Summer


Andrew Rayel – Last Summer

In Harmony label boss Andrew Rayel has released a summer anthem for the ages. His latest musical achievement, ‘Last Summer,’ is a stark contrast to his traditional big room trance tracks. The vibey tune features Fernando Garibay and the passionate vocals of Jake Torrey. Rayel continues to push his musical comfort zone with this soulful song.

‘Last Summer’ is a real evolutionary step for the Moldovan-born DJ. Instead of a thumping anthem, he slows the BPMs way down for this chill, beachy track. Starting with a plucky guitar riff, Torrey’s smooth vocals carry the track into its first breakdown. The mellow lyrics mixed with a soft piano are truly magical. Forget what you thought you knew about Rayel’s depth – this is a wonderful departure from his signature sound.

Rayel had this to say about the track:

“’Last Summer’ is a completely unexpected sound. But the beauty of music is…experimenting and trying something you’ve never done before.”

We all hope he keeps pushing the envelope of experimentation.

Check out Andrew Rayel’s ‘Last Summer’ below.

Andrew Rayel – Last Summer