New York Based Down to Earth Festival Cancelled Due to Weather Conditions


Down to Earth Festival was supposed to be returning to Garrattsville, New York between August 17 and 19. Now sadly, Down to Earth Festival has been cancelled. Mother Nature can be blamed this time around. The Northeast has been facing a lot of devastating weather lately, from flash flooding to insane thunderstorms.

Down to Earth Fest isn’t the only festival effected by bad weather. Elements and Moonrise have also faced bad weather conditions this year. A few states effected by flooding are New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. However, Down to Earth Fest is working on a couple indoor makeup events due to the cancellation of the festival. Luckily, all tickets are being refunded and no further action is needed from attendees.

Down to Earth Festival cancelledDown to Earth Fest made these few links available of the weather for reference, New Jersey flooding, Massachusetts flooding, and Pennsylvania flooding.

We’re extremely upset to report that due to severe developing weather conditions, we will be canceling this year’s event… This decision is not made lightly, but the safety of our artists, patrons and staff must come first.

All we can hope for is that bad weather doesn’t stop the festival fun the remainder of the summer.