[WATCH] Armin van Buuren Played for 7+ Hours at UNTOLD


Armin van Buuren is a certified music God, and that’s an understatement. He is a headliner as just about every single major festival in the world, has a weekly residency in Ibiza, and runs one of the most successful music labels in the electronic music scene. However, moments like this past Sunday night (well actually Monday morning) are what truly make him stand out among the best.

As you may recall, Armin treated theĀ Untold FestivalĀ goers to an amazing 6 hour set last year. This was one of the most legendary moments of 2017 for Armin, culminating in a wave of emotions yielding tears, yes tears, from the Dutch Trance icon. He followed this up by playing another long set, this time 6 hours, closing out the famous Romanian festival.

Armin first got on the stage a little past 2am and started off with a more mainstream vibe.

Good to be back at the UNTOLD mainstage! Check out my live set!

Posted by Armin van Buuren on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Of course, attendees were treated to a beautiful sunrise accompanied by a more trance-purist side of Armin.

Still going strong from the mainstage of UNTOLD!

Posted by Armin van Buuren on Sunday, August 5, 2018

These epic sets are a treat for any music fans. The intensity and passion that Armin shows are second to none. The only question that remains is will we see part three at Untold Festival 2019?