Black Coffee and David Guetta are Teaming Up for New Single ‘Drive’


If we told you David Guetta collaborated with Black Coffee for a single, would you believe us? The headline is just as shocking to us. However, their newest hit together entitled ‘Drive‘ is impressive. It features the vocals of Delilah Montagu and will release on August 24th via Ultra Records.

The new track teams up Coffee and Guetta along with twenty year old UK singer and songwriter, Montagu. Though David has been pioneering house music for years, the Frenchman is best known for his more recent pop-focused records. He’s been teaming up with artists Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida and Akon in the past decade.

Black Coffee is known for his rhythmic blend of deep house and African-focused beats. The South African producer is currently killing it with his summer residency at the Balearic super-club, Hï Ibiza. He made club nights the hottest stops in Ibiza for 2017, so the Durban-born star returned for an all-new 2018 season.

Bringing in Delilah Montagu for the duo’s track will mark this on our watch list. Her raw talent will surely showcase the piece. While the track is not available right now for our ears to hear, we can only imagine what this eclectic combination will bring us. Only ten more days!