Bro Safari & UFO! – N.U.M.B.


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Bro Safari & UFO! – N.U.M.B.

This fresh release composed by Bro Safari and UFO! producers has resulted in a song that sounds unlike anything heard before. Imagine walking through a forest where all of the inhabitants have the single goal of instilling a spook within those who walk through. Although this time, these crickets have a different harmony to their songs.

Beginning the song with the distinct bassline may remind one of ‘I Am A God’, a track off the Yeezus album by Kanye West. One might be able to  to such a sound as ‘spookystep’ which Canadian artist Rezz is a significant contributor to the sub genre. Although Halloween is not for a few more months, N.U.M.B. will have you playing it on repeat until that fateful day.

N.U.M.B. is the first song in the album co-produced by Bro Safari, with UFO! So stick around and we’ll keep you updated with the releases as they occur.