Calvin Harris Says He’s Too Old for Another Tour


In 2018 the grueling schedule that comes with the life of world touring DJ came into a harsh focus. We were shown the toll it can take on any young DJ and that they all need a break every so often. Calvin Harris, the highest grossing DJ there is, has decided he’s done touring altogether. The reasoning might make you scratch your head a bit.

Calvin Harris says he mostly enjoys his studio time above all else. In a recent interview in fact he remarked:

But a tour? No way. I can’t do tours any more. I’m too old.

That might come as a surprise to Benny Benassi (51), Carl Cox (56), or David Guetta (50) since Calvin is the ripe age of 34. Then again, Calvin Harris has little need for world tours when his Las Vegas Omnia residency pays him millions and he charges over $400,000 for a festival appearance. Luckily, the aging producer shows no sign of slowing down in the studio.