Claude VonStroke Unveils Epic Music Video For Maharaja


As part of Detroit’s Movement Festival 2018, Dirtybird bossman Claude VonStroke delivered an epic live set. The set was full of special edits, unreleased material, and of course one brand new track created specifically for the event. ‘Maharaja‘ is described as being “inspired by the classic electro break sound” that is so dear to VonStroke’s Detroit upbringing. After debuting the track in his hometown, the leader of the Dirtybird fam is taking his hometown track to a new level. The impressive and unrelenting music video for ‘Maharaja’ is out now for all to see.

Based appropriately in an abandoned warehouse, this is unlike any videography you’ve seen before. Of course there are plenty of funky, weird bird cameos to go with the Dirtybird image. But the most interesting aspect of the visual performance is the editing and distortion of visuals throughout. It is impossible to accurately describe the twisting and slowing of the imagery in the video without watching it. The dancers and props twirl, repeat, and reflect in an impressive display of videography and editing while captivating the viewer. And the results speak for themselves. The music video for Maharaja is an overwhelming tour de force that unfolds to display a daydream of acid and techno.

Definitely one of the most impressive visual projects to come out of Dirtybird. You won’t want to sleep on this music video. From start to finish the action is encapsulating, adding a degree of depth to an already impeccable song. Any visual artist, techno geek or Dirtybird fan is going to enjoy this one. You can watch the video above and let us know what you think about Claude VonStroke and his team’s handiwork.