Cristoph – The Duel EP



Cristoph – The Duel EP

A new artist is in the works and his name is Cristoph. The house DJ and producer is known for his intriguing style and delivery with his music. Today, he releases his ‘The Duel EP‘ which includes three tracks called ‘The Duel‘, ‘Revolver‘ and ‘Tremble‘. As he previously dropped ‘The Duel‘, he adds more element and definition which completes the EP. Released by Last Night On Earth, you can expect to hear the focus, detail, and continuous synths.

Every artist has a story to share and this is how Cristoph shares his. When you take a listen to ‘The Duel’, it begins with simple beats until it progresses with the synths. It draws in a build-up and grows with its momentum. ‘Revolver’ features a rebuilding series of chords, synths, and emotion carried through the entire duration. Last, there’s ‘Tremble’, a track that slowly builds with massive beats and rhythm. It captivates a euphoric feeling towards the middle which keeps listeners mesmerized.

Each track is a little over six minutes long so check them out below!

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