David Gravell Talks Album Plans, NWYR, and More at Tomorrowland


So, Tomorrowland is probably the biggest festival of the year can you tell us about your set prep?

I’m actually still working on my set after the interview I’m gonna go back to finish it. I;m working on new branding, new logo, new visuals and new music. It’s gonna be sick.

Do you still get nervous before you perform?

Well it’s not nervous it’s more stressful feeling that I need to finish lots of last minute things. The more you do it the more you get used to and it gets easier. From the moment you start playing it all fades away.

So you played ASOT at Ultra and also Utrecht with a ton of ID tracks- will we be getting these?

Yeah actually my way of working is I put together a bunch of new music and then we sit down and decided whether we want to release it on an album or an EP. Also I’m working on a lot of stuff for my main album, but I honestly have no idea when you’ll see that. You’ll see some new music very soon though!

How important is it for you to have crowd engagement when you perform?

For me it’s always been important to find familiar faces or flags or signs in the crowd. It helps when you’re preparing your live set to picture it and it helps when you see somebody waving to you as you play. 

It’s been a little over a year since W&W came back into trance with NWYR, do you see any collaborations coming up with them?

Yeah definitely, I think we could do something very soon who knows. The only problem is that we all travel so much that it would have to be online. Hopefully we get some time to actually sit in the studio together and we can work on it soon. 

You recently celebrated your 30th birthday – how do you balance your personal life with DJing?

I try to schedule things as much as possible. Even seeing my friends is important, I dont see them as much as I used to. You have to be very focused on what you do each day and plan everything out. If you keep things scheduled you will build in a lot of free time for fun or socializing or relaxing. 

Thanks so much for talking with us

Thanks a lot guys have a great time here!