Destructo Teases HARD with AMF AMF AMF Airplane Banner Ad


This past weekend, HARD Summer Music Festival took over Southern California with A-list headliners including Marshmello, Diplo, Flosstradamus and more. Although the festival featured an insane lineup and increased attendance, this year’s edition was very first one without ‘HARD Father’ (Hard Events Founder) Gary Richards.

Richards, also known by his DJ name Destructo announced last fall that he was leaving HARD to become North American President of LiveStyle. Soon after, he launched his first project under LiveStyle dubbed All My Friends featuring not only a music festival but a CRUISE to go along with it.

Now, his Friendship Cruise has been sold out for months, but that didn’t stop Richards from promoting AMF AMF AMF Festival at HARD Summer. Seen right in the sky was a giant banner promoting his festival which happens August 18-19 in Downtown Los Angeles. We don’t know if he’s throwing shade or just showing love to his former home but either way, it was a clever marketing strategy. Check out the banner below.