Freddy Todd – Chrondor EP


Freddy Todd, one of the longstanding participants in the experimental bass movement, has returned to Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan Records. His new EP Chrondor is now available on the freeform bass record label.

Todd brings together a wealth of influences in crafting this EP, including his typically strong utilization of funk inspired instrumentals, particularly keys and horns. Chrondor Crunkedelia is a strong opening track, pulling from the widest range of influences and really flexing his production muscles. Bargos is another excellent track, showcasing the heavier side that we’ve come to expect from Freddy Todd. Each track is unique in its own right, and the entire EP is worth your undivided attention.

Wakaan Records has been the leader in featuring artists making unique bass influenced sounds who are willing to break genre boundaries; Freddy Todd’s Chrondor EP certainly falls into that category.  Chrondor is out now via Wakaan Records, Take a listen to the full EP below.