Ofenbach- Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)



Ofenbach- Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)

The French house pair known as Ofenbach have made their way to the the states. Today, they dropped their brand-new single “Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso).”

Ofenbach consists of duo Dorian Lo and César de Rummel who take traditional house music for a new spin with their laidback Los Angeles inspired summer tune. An energetic bass-line carries their 80s rock themed ballad into the chorus. The vocals are upbeat and energetic from Swedish singer and songwriter Benjamin Ingrosso.

Ofenbach have been experiencing quite the success in Europe with 14 platinum and 11 gold records since their debut in 2014.

Check out “Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)” out now on Warner Bros. below.