GAWP – Who Is She EP


GAWP – Who Is She EP

Just months after a critically acclaimed set of performances on his inaugural North American tour, the UK bass driven tech house mastermind GAWP is back in the U.S. and smashing dance floors with his unmistakeable sound. And if you’ve seen GAWP on this most recent leg of his travels, you will have definitely heard two brand new tracks that are all but impossible to find. Well you’re in luck. GAWP’s newest EP, Who Is She, drops August 17th on Treasure Fingers’ Atlanta based label, Psycho Disco!

The A-side is of course the namesake ’Who Is She’.  This impressive track contains everything you would expect from a GAWP production. A bouncy low end paired with a reverbed creates a solid foundation for the Brit to get fun and experimental with the vocals. All the words are pulled from the phase “So when did you know who you were,” spliced and rearranged throughout ‘Who Is She’. This psychedelic vocal accent to the bass heavy composition makes it obvious why this is the title track for the EP.

And don’t be fooled by the term B-side, because ‘Gold Baby’ is just as likely to knock your socks off. Reminiscent in ways of his Dirtybird Select banger ‘Prime Society,’ the second song on GAWP’s EP is a heater. Driven by a his signature rumbling bass line and precise instrumentation, ‘Gold Baby’ is proof that sometimes leaving out the vocals can make a track even more powerful.

You can listen to Who Is She a day early thanks to EDMTunes and the folks over at Psycho Disco! Also, you can still catch GAWP throwing down these absolutely dirty tracks at The Grasshopper in Detroit, at any of four Florida dates or at Seismic Dance Event in Austin, Texas. Check out all the latest GAWP news on his Facebook and let him know what you think about Who Is She.