Heineken Brew Contains No Alcohol And Is Replaced By Cannabis

image via Lagunitas

Heineken‘s California-based beer label Lagunitas is the latest company to break into the rising cannabis industry. Their latest brew “Hi-Fi Hops” contains zero alcohol and is instead made with THC—the driving component in marijuana.

According to Business Insider, the beer mimics the consistency of a traditional beer but provides the drinker with a high due to the THC. For those not looking to get high but still want the soothing effects of cannabis, there is a CBD option which contains no THC or psychoactive effects.

Lagunitas is not the only alcoholic companies that are pouring a decent amount of their resources investing in marijuana and CBD-infused beverages,” added Justin Hamilton, head of Royal CBD‘s R&D, who has been working in the cannabis scene over ten years.

The beer has been on limited dispensary shelves since July 30 and is only available in California where recreational marijuana is legal.

Hi-Fi Hops runs at about $8 for a 12oz can—which is roughly the cost of a beer at a bar. It’s a steep price, but the demand for the drink is promising.

Heineken making its way early on into the flourishing marijuana industry could be a wise move that catapults their brand into the collective conscious a much younger generation of recreational weed users.

To see if Hi-Fi Hops is available near you check out the list of locations here.