How To Rezz: An Informal Guide On Curing “Rezzothelioma”



If you have found yourself craving the mystic, hypnotic and spooky sound from the one and only Rezz – you are not alone. Trance music’s effect has on humans (in all stages of development) is exceptionally interesting to consider. Many people have come into withdrawals after listening to her music, and especially experiencing her festival sets. This has become such an issue that as a result, a certain videographer has decided to dedicate his time to resolve.

A hilarious inside look from (Youtuber) Imaginary Ambition walks us through how one would go about harnessing and possibly curing the Rezz hysteria.


“If you or a loved one was diagnosed with Rezzothelioma you may be entitled to medical compensation… Rezzothelioma is a rare form of tinnitus linked to spooky EDM exposure. Exposure to EDM in concerts, loud headphones, or your friend’s car may have put you at risk…”


A Guide to Finding The Cure

After being self-diagnosed with┬áRezzothelioma our guide walks us through a set of personal notes regarding his objective analysis of the “dubsteppy, dark and spooky” specter. Additionally, our chaperone begins collecting the necessary ingredients to formulate the ‘Rezz’ sound. At the first stop, we visit a boxing gym to collect some beats. After distilling the raw sound yielded from the first stop, we follow Imaginary Ambition to collect the remaining sounds. This hunt defies the laws of physics, so continue forward with an open mind.

Each step in the process returns us to our guide’s laptop. Which shows us that he has the musical expertise necessary to synergize the Rezz formula. Ultimately we find ourselves at 1010 Spooky Lane. This is where the search for components finally come to a head. During this stop, a battle ensues that determines the final resolution. In the process, it appears that our hero loses his sanity so that we may keep ours.

In conclusion, this video is a wonderfully conducted skit that introduces an amazingly creative sense of humor imbued to an amazingly unique artist. Next time you come across someone who has suffered similar symptoms, we suggest you show them this video.

All things considered, you can either mimic the steps in the video or relinquish control – and just relax.