Lost Frequencies Talks Tomorrowland with EDMTunes


1 to 1 Exclusive Talk With Lost Frequencies From TomorrowlandLost Frequencies @ Tomorrowland

Felix De Laet, a.k.a. Lost Frequencies, is one of Belgium’s greatest artists in the current electronic music scene. He’s young, he’s talented and he has a super bright future ahead. Highly engaged with Tomorrowland, he performed three times this year. Read all he had to tell us right here!

1. Good to see you at Tomorrowland again! This year you have been a surprise guest at The Gathering and you are playing on both weekends. How does it feel? Have you prepared some surprises for your fans?

Today the surprise is gonna be that I’m gonna be live on stage, it’s announced actually, but yeah, We’re gonna be three on stage with the drummer and the keyboards, and then with the guitar and the keys also, so it’s gonna be a whole new dimension, I’m really excited!

2. You have joined Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike along with Yves V as residents of Tomorrowland. How has that impacted your career?

To work with Tomorrowland for me, well, I’m from Belgium, it’s really one of the most powerful people in Belgium I can work with in the electronic music world, so we get to do a lot of amazing stuff, Including playing at Tomorrowland of course, but also during the year, there are a lot of good events where we can play and if I have to make my show I can work with a whole organization from here so we can do really amazing stuff and it’s really been an excellent journey working with those guys.

3. You are an ambassador the LOVE TOMORROW Foundation and are quite involved in the Music and Arts School in Nepal. How was this experience for you and are you engaging in other noble causes?

Well, actually I was really excited to go to Nepal to open the school with the Love Tomorrow foundation and Cunina, which is the other organization they work with, and it was an amazing experience to see all those kids so happy to have the school and also to be so far away from home! It was in the Himalaya, I’d never been there before, so it was really an amazing experience and I hope I can do something like that soon again, and it’s really amazing for Tomorrowland to work in something like that with the organization, and to go spend money somewhere to create a school, it’s really amazing! It was really cool with the kids, they didn’t really speak English so it was more like making some signs or playing some football, it was really a great experience!

4. You have recently released ‘Melody’, featuring James Blunt. How was it to make a song with someone you admired for such a long time?

Yeah! When he sent me a message, a mail to actually remix his track, one of his tracks for his album, I was really happy, but then we turned it around to make it a collaboration, so he sent me a demo that he was working on, but it didn’t really fit his album, so he sent it to me, I made a whole edition of the track and I sent it back and back and forth, we did some exchanges, and then at the end we said yeah, this is great! But it’s a little bit too much electronic for James Blunt, so it was a new single for me and I was able to release it, and I am really happy! When we did the video clip together he was such a nice guy, everybody was at ease, it was really nice! So I am really happy I was able to do that with him. We did a lot of email exchange but then we met for the videoclip and it was so relaxed, it was really nice.

5. Who would you say it’s your favorite artist at the moment and why?

I would go straight for Fisher, because he released Losing It, Ya Kidding, Crowd Control and Stop It; he just released four tracks and the four tracks are straight fire, and I love them, and you can hear the last track Losing it everywhere on the festival, and everytime I hear it I am like ‘Wohoo!’. It’s great, I love it.

6. To wrap it up, a very serious question: what’s your favorite Belgian food?

Ohh! I really love meatballs with tomato sauce, it’s great! Usually when I come back from a tour I get Deliveroo, whoa! Meatballs, coming at the house! And I eat them up! You gotta try them!