Martin Garrix Endorses Line of School Supplies


Martin Garrix has reached superstar status in the EDM community at a young age. He has been DJ Mag’s #1 DJ for 2016 and 2017. This may have been what has given him inspiration to take part in the education of the younger generation. Garrix has begun a line of branding seemingly mundane school supplies such as pencils, notebooks and binders.

Seeing as Martin has been revolutionary with his impact on the EDM community, it is no doubt that this was a great move. As a result this will only strengthen the passion the younger generation has for his music. This action could even inspire a new line of future DJ’s, wishing to contribute to larger society as he has.


Here we can see some pretty snazzy aesthetic looking notebooks.

Limited Edition?

Albeit there is a caveat to this – sales are limited to Holland, Netherlands. This begs the question, will his line of school items reach the US or other Euro countries? Only time will tell. Granted this may be upsetting for his true fans, but perhaps this means a Euro trip to see a wax Garrix in Amsterdam and a stop in Holland.