Abandoned “Mushroom Farm Rave” Continued Until 7am


Mushroom farm rave

Around midnight neighbors were aware a rave was about to take place when an onsite generator was turned on. Those villagers tipped off the authorities, which led to them closing off entrances to the farm. However, before the entrances were closed about 400 people made in into the mushroom farm. Also, the police never shut down the rave, they let the party continue until 7am.

A police spokesman told Harborough Mail: “Police were made aware of an unlicensed music event in a disused premises in Welham Road, Great Bowden, during the early hours of Sunday morning. Officers attended the location and due to the number of people attending the event, believed to be up to 500, the event continued, but officers remained in the area to monitor any issues and prevent any more people from entering the premises.”

Police are still attempting to figure out who the organizers of the event were. Also, landowners will be advised about site security, so that an event like this will be impossible for an illegal rave to occur again. However, this isn’t the first time a rave has taken place on this abandoned mushroom farm. Back in 2016 more than 2,000 people attended an illegal rave at the same location.