Nick Catchdubs Returns with “Pick Up Yaself”


Nick Catchdubs Pick Up Yaself

Nick Catchdubs – Pick Up Yaself

There is always that one song that gets you pumped and ready to light the dancefloor on fire once it comes on despite the exhaustion you might have been experiencing a few moments prior. Nick Catchdubs’ latest track featuring Fire Alarm, ‘Pick Up Yaself‘, does exactly this, as the title would suggest.

The song doesn’t give you a second to prepare yourself for the influx of energy coming your way for it jumps straight to the gun, shooting out an energetic acid house bassline, encouraging claps and a commanding dancehall vocals. The Fool’s Gold co-founder delivers the funk with his merging of versatile sounds such as twisted bounces, and unpredictable melody switches that deliver the adrenaline rush necessary to ‘pick up yaself one more time again.’ To only make the track more interesting, Nick adds the occasional distorted saw wave causing an exhilarating bewilderment. All together this song is a recipe for chaos and musical splurge.

To hear more from this talented and energizing artist, check out Unidentified Flying Playlist which is filled with his latest releases and DJ favorites. In addition, if you find yourself in Philadelphia on 9/28 make sure to catch him at Red Bull Music’s “Hollerboard Redux.” alongside A-Trak, Jubilee, Dave Nada, Spank Rock and more.