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You Can Now Get Your Hands on the Unreleased Pixel 3 XL

In the world of technology, communication is key. This statement couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to cellphones! Google is the globe’s ultimate tool for searching information and on occasion, the well-known search engine would like to keep some exclusive knowledge under wraps – like everything relating to the highly anticipated Pixel 3 XL. Unfortunately, due to it’s incredible efficiency, the American multinational technology company couldn’t help but unveil the private details.

Despite the phone’s official release in less than two months, through the help of a quick Google search anyone around the world now can access exclusive information relating to the new Pixel 3 XL—like its wireless charging, camera samples and detailed reviews. These leaks are directly coming from people who had access to the stolen units thanks to purchases made on the black market for $2,000 per device.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint who these mischievous individuals are, once thing is for certain. Ukrainian and Russian bloggers were responsible for uploading the related and detailed information.

The process of acquiring the hardware must have been extensive as it has been reported that the buyer had to receive a Telegram to get in touch with the seller and order a unit.

Thanks to thefts, Google’s official launch event has ultimately gone down the drain as they were hoping to showcase the Pixel 3 XL as the main star of the event. Even though Google is a multibillion dollar business, what may be surprising to some is that they still do not have the power to remotely deactivate them. What is not so shocking is that the company as well as Foxconn‘s team has launched a full-blown internal discussion with their security and legal teams about the leaks.





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