NWYR- Time Spiral


NWYR- Time Spiral

The time has finally come for some fresh NWYR. As we covered last week, NWYR released a small preview of their new track called ‘Time Spiral’. The preview, although good and exciting, really left out a major component of the song. It seems as though the rush of psy-trance has made its way into the duo’s studio. As most of you know, this is W&W’s trance side project. They kicked off their careers in the trance world but have obviously since moved on to the big-room side of dance music. Good see the boys haven’t lost a step when it comes to making trance.

As you can expect anything coming out of the W&W camp, ‘Time Spiral’ is a ferocious monster. The opening drop is straight psy-trance with uplifting chords in the background. On the breakdown, that old school W&W (or new school depending on when you started listening to W&W) trance melody and aura shine through. At times, the bridge has a calming and soothing melody, but at the sound of glass shattereing, the uplifting roar of their trance sound pops out to build you back into the main drop. Just as you expect, the drop is anthemic and fluid, just as powerful trance should be.

We hope to hear more incredible music from NWYR in the coming months. Oh and one last surprise for the fans… ‘Time Spiral’ is free to download for your listening pleasure. Enjoy below, trance family.

NWYR – Time Spiral | Free Download