OWSLA Label Mate, Josh Pan, Says Skrillex Is “About To Release Some Crazy Music”


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Skrillex has been on a major touring hiatus since mid 2017, with only a handful of performances ever since.

Ever since last year, we have been teased by Skrillex, as he released a number of singles in 2017, while also producing for acts such as The Weeknd, Camila Cabello and Jennifer Lopez. Also, while Skrillex hasn’t said much, a number of different producers and artists have spoken about Skrillex’s upcoming album release. Last December, in an interview, Diplo confirmed a new Skrillex album. More recently, in July, Los Angeles born DJ and producer Yultron took to social media to mention that Skrillex’s new music is “bout to change the game again, like he always does”.

On Saturday, July 28th, the OWSLA head honcho came out of hiding for his debut return to the Fuji Rock festival in Japan. Playing a set full of his iconic mashups, classics, as well as a bunch of new material, the ‘Bangarang’ producer left no stone unturned for his comeback to the festival circuit.

It was a performance for the ages, and to make it even better, Skrillex’s OWSLA label mate, Josh Pan, has now confirmed through his Instagram stories that Skrillex is indeed dropping new music this year. In a social media post, in which Pan confirms new music of his own, the young producer couldn’t help but share some words of endearment about his label head, though some key words in his post jump right off the screen:

“We’re both about to put out some crazy music this year. He’s back!!!!”

OWSLA’s Josh Pan confirms Skrillex is dropping new music this year following Fuji Rock Festival performanceSkrille Reddit Josh Pan Dancing Astronaut

While the former screamo frontman has delivered a steady stream of material in the last near half decade since his first LP, we haven’t been treated to a cohesive body of Skrillex work like “Recess” since. Needless to say, we’re excited.