SLANDER & Crankdat – Kneel Before Me feat. Asking Alexandria


You read that correctly. Going full 2011-era Skrillex when he and Kill the Noise made a song with Korn, SLANDER and Crankdat have made an insane trap-electronicore track with Asking Alexandria. Released on Monstercat and Sumerian Records, this track blends electronic guitar melodies and metal scream vocals so fittingly with the intense drops SLANDER and Crankdat are known for.

Opening with simple guitar riffs, clean vocals and a fat snare build, the singing turns to a scream into the drop.

“We’ve teamed up with @SlanderOfficial and @crankdat to take trance/EDM and metal/rock genres to a whole new level. This is heavy, ballsy and unapologetically in your fucking face! These two worlds have just collided like never before. Enjoy!” – Asking Alexandria

SLANDER said that in high school they were huge fans of the hardcore genre, which surprises exactly no one who has been to one of their live shows. They stated “[o]ur goal with this song was to make our own rendition of hardcore music with dubstep at its core, essentially bringing our musical roots into 2018! Hope you guys dig it!”

Check out the amazing collaboration below on Spotify

SLANDER & Crankdat – Kneel Before Me feat. Asking Alexandria