Songstress & Beloved YouTuber Poppy Teases Forthcoming Collab with Diplo & Grimes


poppyMoriah Rose Pereira, known professionally as Poppy, has been slowly rising to fame since 2017 when her impressive Mad Decent debut studio album Poppy.Computer dropped. Fellow artists were captivated by her unique sound, including Slushii who remixed her track ‘Lowlife‘. Fast forward a year and the YouTube star is gearing up to release a highly anticipated forthcoming collab with Diplo and Grimes along with a new album. This 23-year-old does not stop!

It seems as though some of the music industry’s biggest artists are continuously transforming their sound. They leave their fans’ curiosities peaked and ultimately, wanting to hear more. Poppy is no exception. She recently stated in an interview with NME that she has been working hard to develop different sounding collaborations with Diplo and Grimes.

“There are some collaborations that I’m very excited about. I’m doing a song with Grimes and with Diplo as well. The songs are very, very different from each other but I’m very excited. […]The song that I have with Diplo is coming out next. It’s very futuristic sounding. Diplo brought his dance beats. I wanted to work with Diplo for a long time.” – Stated Poppy.

Setting the vibe for the exciting new collaboration, the songstress has released the official audio for her new and leading single ‘In A Minute‘.

During the interview, we got some interesting insight into how the young pop star linked up with the talented Grimes.

“She followed me on Twitter, then I sent her a message and said ‘hi, I like you. We should make a song together’. Then we made a couple of songs together actually. She’s really talented.” -Grimes

Reports say the track drops sometime in the fall. Stay tuned for any updates or previews in the coming months.