Swedish House Mafia Ultra 2018 Aerial Drone Footage Selling for Sky High Price


Man, people know how to capitalize off of a good thing, don’t they? With an upload to the stock video membership website Videoblocks.com, the user account known as “Skylabs” is selling one of the most iconic music festival moments in history – the reunion of Swedish House Mafia at Ultra 2018. The user recorded almost the entire set via aerial drone footage, and is looking for huge returns on it. How huge, you ask?

A current member can purchase the footage for a mere $200. If you aren’t a member, guess what – you pay $330! It’s an outlandish markup for the legendary festival moment, but apparently, people are willing to pay. The arial footage of the stage is available in 4K, and yeah, looks pretty cool. Without a sound sample, though, we are unsure just how good the overall product is.

For comparison, a monthly membership on Videoblocks is about $39/mo. This entitles the member access to millions of stock videos, after effects, templates, and more. Most stock videos are free with the monthly membership.

I’m not sure how deep your pockets are, but this is ridiculous. If you are like the rest of us who would attend a 3-Day festival rather than purchase 45 minutes of something you can get for free, checkout the Swedish House Mafia Ultra set below. You’re welcome.