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Why Tomorrowland is the Best Music Festival In The World: 3 Best Sets

If you love to rave, then you have to go to Tomorrowland at least once in your life. If you like to party, meet new friends and great people from all over the world, see the best shows, eat amazing food and surround yourself with peace, love, unity and respect, then you also have to go to Tomorrowland at least once in your life. The conclusion is simple and Tomorrowland even plasters it around the festival site:

this is your life, make every second legendary.

Tomorrowland is all about the customer experience. Each year, during the last 2 weekends of July, the whole city of Boom, Belgium, opens up to receive over 400,000 visitors. Neighbors get flags and goodies to welcome the People of Tomorrow, and from the moment you step foot in the area, everything becomes magical. You become part of a unique celebration where you are the star. EDMTunes had the chance to participate in this fascinating music festival, and we can confirm that every detail is being taking care of…and more. Every single light on stage, every little ornamental piece. All you see in Tomorrowland has been carefully planned in order to amaze you in the best possible way. It works! It creates a sense of love and wonder that you only reserve for a few brands: think Apple or BMW.

After spending 3 days of madness and an endless marathon of music and happiness, we are here to bring you the best sets of the festival. It has not been an easy task, because every artist gave a memorable performance. But if we had to pick our 3 favorites, these would be the chosen ones:

Vini Vici (A State Of Trance @ Freedom Stage)

The Israeli duo is on top of the world right now. They have been part of Tomorrowland for the past three years, and their sets are transcendental experiences. They are the kings of Psy Trance, and they have just premiered their latest single ‘United’ at Tomorrowland. Watch their exclusive set at the ASOT Stage below:


Charlotte de Witte (Mainstage)

Charlotte is only 26 years old, and her dark, yet beautiful techno beats are no longer a secret. She tore up her very own KNTXT stage at Tomorrowland at the Arch, but also gave an amazing show at the Mainstage. Belgium loves her, and we do too. Check out her set right here:

Eric Prydz (Pryda @ Atmosphere Stage)

Prydz is the perfect combination of techno, house and progressive altogether. His flawless set and incredible visuals are a piece of engineering that truly deserves all of our respect. The amazing production took place at Atmosphere, Tomorrowland’s newest epic stage, whose walls are entirely covered by thousands of LED lights perfectly synchronised with the music. Without further ado, check our #1 set below, and we hope to see you next year for another chapter of Tomorrowland.


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