Two Weekends of Tomorrowland Leave Two Dead


According to rumors two women have died of unnatural causes after a busy two weekends of Tomorrowland. The Belgian news publication HLN is reporting that both women died of health complications after ingesting “XTC.” The only other hard facts they report are that both women were admitted to the University Hospital of Antwerp and died several days later. One death occurred during each weekend. It’s also worth mentioning that this Summer was one of Belgium’s hottest, with Friday Weekend 2 being the hottest day on record.

Although neither public nor Tomorrowland officials have heard of these deaths, they did not deny that 23 people were taken to local hospitals. But none of those 23 people have been reported as deceased to officials. These rumors will definitely be addressed soon. Hopefully they are only rumors.

HLN also reported that 63 individuals were caught and charged with selling narcotics. Over 430 others were also ejected from the festival for drug use or possession.