TWO LANES Releases Emotional Bass Single “Away”




The quickly rising duo, TWO LANES, have released through Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace their newest single “Away“. The mysterious brothers give the listeners an experience with their newest single. The emotional breakdowns and bass-heavy drop will take you so far away.

The track starts off with emotional, organic, and melodic sounds. As the song progresses, the vocals in the background keep adding more emotion to the already powerful chord progression. Furthermore, the buildup gives the drop a great introduction. The melodic bass-heavy drop will take you away in to another dimension. Overall, the track delivers a mysterious, dark, and emotional vibe.

The duo have gained an enormous amount of traction by Trap Nation and Proximity. They have also reached the HypeM #1 twice. Their remixes of RÜFÜS, Odesza, and Justice as well as their superb music production have placed TWO LANES in the map. If you have not already done so, keep a close eye on the duo as they have reached these amazing feats in just 8 months of releasing music.

Check out “Away” down below: