Afterlife Voyage 012: Mathame



Afterlife Voyage 012: Mathame

Coming off the release of their ‘Nothing Around Us’ EP, Mathame continues to deliver with an ethereal Afterlife podcast. Afterlife Voyage, a series of hour-long podcasts, is usually brought to listeners by different artists signed to the label. To date, there have been 12 “voyages”, with previous guests including Patrice Baümel, Adriatique, Mind Against and the head honchos of Afterlife themselves: Tale Of Us.

Mathame’s Afterlife podcast would be the ideal the soundtrack to floating through space if, you know, you could do that. Dotted with vocals throughout, the hour of music seems to slip away as if you have no notion of time.

“….Their vocal-laced sound morphs between experimental club music and more cinematic passages, with their signature production style ever-present…..” -Afterlife

Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli, who make up Mathame, have been consistent players at Afterlife parties in Ibiza and New York throughout the year. The brothers will even be at Afterlife Tulum come January, 2019.

Listen to Mathame’s Afterlife Voyage below.

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