Apple is No Longer Shipping Headphone Dongles with New iPhones


On Wednesday Apple revealed the new iPhone XS Max, XS & XR. Bigger screens, better battery life, faster processing and keeping in theme with the iPhone 8 & X (and the flagship industry now too) no headphone jack.

That wasn’t so bad because for the past two years apple had included a handy dongle in the box. But now Apple has decided that the 3.5mm audio dongle will no longer be a free accessory, for all current iphone models being shipped out (the XS Max, XS, XR & 8). Instead you can now buy the dongle for the price of just $9.

In perspective spending $9 dollars on a dongle doesn’t seem so bad when you’re dishing out $1099 for a phone. At this point they either assume you already have a dongle lying around somewhere or you’ve made the switch to wireless audio. Sure $9 isn’t a lot of money but when you’re paying over $1000 for a phone that doesn’t even have a headphone jack you’d think they’d do you the slight favor of giving you a dongle. You thought wrong – perhaps you should consider a Pixel.