Deadmau5 Adds New Bengal Kitten “Copycat” to His Family


Whoever said that cats and mice can’t coexist in the same space has never met the notorious Deadmau5 and his two little furbabies, Meowingtons & The Other Cat.

Despite the unfortunate and sudden passing of Joel Zimmerman and his wife Kelly Fedoni‘s adorable kitten Noob, they were both strong enough to welcome a new addition to their family, little Copycat!

In a recent post, the Canadian producer gushed about their new fluff ball of love and continued to indicate that their two other felines were “pretty interested in who’s on the other side of the door”.

Not only were the cats’ curiosities peeked, Zimmerman’s army of followers couldn’t help but share in the excitement of the beautiful Bengal kitten.

We wish this adorable and growing family nothing but the best while getting the adjusted to the fluffy trio, and can’t wait to see more updates in the future.