Deathpact – Piston


Deathpact – Piston

The anonymous music producer Deathpact is back again with the new single ‘Piston’. This track opens with a sound that can only be described as otherworldly. It’s the chirping of some strange animal that exists only in the world Deathpact is creating. Then it immediately dives into the heavy bass that we’ve all come to recognize from this artist, but the chirping can be heard throughout, adding an air of intrigue to the track.

There are also very harmonic moments during the song that are both unexpected and welcome. The most striking part of the song is around the 1:47 mark where it sounds like a sound effect from an old cartoon is being used. The main sound however, is reminiscent of factories. The clanging and electronic buzzing of machine. The entire song just adds to the enigma that is Deathpact.

This mysterious project began on July 20, 2018 when a song called ‘Danger’ was released to the Deathpact Soundcloud. Fans took notice when he was featured on the track ‘Life & Death’ with Rezz.

The Deathpact website led fans through a cryptic puzzle that ended up with a phone number that they could call. When fans dial the number, it rings, then goes to what seems to be a standard voicemail recording, but the words get warped and distorted. After calling the number, you receive a text from Deathpact with an equally mysterious message. Try it out for yourself 917-283-2750.

The mysterious properties of the project coupled with the puzzles led many fans to speculate that Deathpact was actually Madeon. However a tweet from him shut down that rumor very quickly.

It’s impossible to say when or if we will ever learn who Deathpact is. But until that day comes, enjoy the songs that are being released. Check out ‘Piston’ below.

Deathpact – Piston