Electric Zoo Ravers Throw Insane After Party in NYC Train Station


This past weekend saw the epic celebration of Electric Zoo’s 10th Anniversary. This year’s lineup didn’t fail to impress with Martin Garrixx, Kaskade, Alesso, Virtual Self and many more bringing the heat as headliners—but the party didn’t stop there. A number of festival goers decided to carry the festivities into a NYC train station.

To be precise, the pop-up party took place at Harlem’s 125th Train Station and was started by a busker. As soon as the hoard of ravers came into the station he saw it as a golden opportunity to entertain. After plugging in his phone to play some dance tracks he started accepting donations via Venmo (How clutch!).

Around 200-700 people took part in the 20 minute after party. Although this year’s Electric Zoo is over you can watch the crowd extend their partying time in the Reddit video below. Rave on NYC, rave on.

NYC Electric Zoo ravers turn a subway station into their afterparty for 20 minutes from r/EDM