Excision Releases Statement After Tragic Lost Lands Deaths


There are no doubts that Excision has poured his heart and soul into Lost Lands Music Festival. With the promise of incorporating 1,000,000 watts of bass, late night sound camps, two full-size main stages, expanded camping plots, and three times more enormous dinosaurs, the 2018 edition was guaranteed to be better than ever!

Unfortunately, when there is good, there is also bad. Although the bass-heavy fest’s epic memories will live on for years to come, for the families of Mario Symborski, 31, and Ger Vang, 24, the thoughts relating to the event will not be so positive. After the event took place in the Legend Valley of Ohio, the festival confirmed the two tragic deaths, resulting in a media storm – including rumors that many more people passed away during the event.

Recently, Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, stepped up and released a personal statement regarding the sudden passing of the two young partygoers at his very own music festival.

Check It Out Below:

It is never easy losing someone that you care about. We can only imagine what the friends and family of the victims are living through and want to extend our sincerest condolences during this troubling period.

We are positive that Jeff is also experiencing a painful time, and would also like for our readers to keep him in their thoughts. Hosting an event of this magnitude is no small undertaking, and when things don’t go as planned, it results in a stressful, and often agonizing strain on the planner.

We will keep it locked to Excision’s social media channels, during the next few days, as we look forward to hearing more about the future of this beloved event.